an active exercise of planetary citizenship


Honorary Presidents

René Berger - Life President of the International Art Critics Association, former Director of the Sorbonne University in Paris, creator of the most important electronic art festival of the world, in Switzerland, author of dozens of books, creator of the Jacques-Edouard Berger Foundation with the World Wide Treasures - one of the most important projects in Internet - with the Lausanne University.

Dario de Castro Alves - Considered one of the most important Brazilian diplomats of the Twentieth Century. He was Ambassador in Washington, Moscow, Paris, Lisbon, and in New York together the United Nations.

The function of the Honorary Presidents will exclusively be that of Observers. The name of the first presidents will remain. Both Presidents already passed away. So, the places are vacant now, until new decision of EET.



Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta, Brazil-Portugal (founder)
Durval de Noronha, Brazil (founder)
Roy Ascott, England (founder)


International Council
Founding Members

 Adriano Ferrazzini  Switzerland  financial analist
 Joseph Brenner  Switzerland  scientist
 Maria Bonomi  Brazil artist
 Gyorgy Darvas  Hungary  scientist
 Akio Hizume  Japan  architect and artist
 Katsuhito Atake  Japan  architect
 Annick Thebia Melsan  France  diplomat
 Graves Kiely  United States  economist
 Marcos Novak  United States  architect and musician
 Valdemar Jorge  Brazil  communication
 Irones Paula  Brazil  engineer,financial manager