an active exercise of planetary citizenship

 The European Environmental concept

The European Environmental Tribunal is a non-governmental, non-profit and totally independent institution, formed by intellectuals, entrepreneurs, artists, scientists and members of the civil society from the most diverse disciplines and cultures.

The first European Environmental Tribunal was originally founded in Belgium, Brussels, in early 1990s.

The name European indicates the presence of different cultures and societies in peace. It is an idea open to any country or any culture.

The concept of environment is never separated from that of the human being, of the culture and civilisation. The human being is EET's main objective.

Finally, the word Tribunal indicates not a court, a place for judgements and sentences, but free thought and reflection.

The Latin origin of the word tribunal is tribus, which indicated family in ancient Rome. It also indicates the idea of tribune.

EET is a place for permanent dialogue and intellectual reflection, crossing fields in sciences, art, anthropology, history, economy, biology, medicine, architecture, urban planning among other disciplines.

EET has not the function to judge, to condemn, but only to promote the most enlarged dialogue taking the environment as the human being.

No institution participate in the EET's activities, only individuals.

The environment is the human being.